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  • What qualifies as a Theme in using this platform?
    This platform advocates freedom of speech. Anyone can express particular humanistic, social, economic, scientific, philosophical, religious ideas, but the ideas must be backed by the nomination of a book published by a reputable publisher. As a University-Community platform, the nomination of the book must adhere to the University guidelines on freedom of speech for the particular University-Community this platform will serve.
  • What if there’s more than one person nominating the same book?
    The first person registered for a book will be the lead for the meet-up. Other persons interested in the same book can click “likes” and participate in the scheduled meet-up of that presenter. If the second person registered for the same book does not want to participate in the meet-up of the first person, he has to wait until the title of the book is removed from the featured book section. The second person will be featured.
  • What if someone wants to present multiple times nominating the same book?
    The person has to re-nominate the book after the previous nomination of the book is removed from the featured book area. If there is a waiting list for presenting the book, the person will automatically be put on the waiting list and be notified when it is his/her turn to present.
  • What if the same person is clicking “likes” several times for any one nominated book?
    A like will only be registered when someone submits the registration form. If someone likes a book, but does not fill the form, it will not be counted as a “like”.
  • What if someone in my meetup tries to dominate the conversation?
    The nominator of the book, the initiator of a meetup, has the authority to control the pace of a meetup, including particularly conversation with a particular individual in a meetup, including calling off the meetup earlier than its originally scheduled. All conversations and activities at the meetup must comply with the building requirements hosting the meetup. TPBC bears no legal liabilities on the meetups and events conducted after the meetups.
  • What are other methods (other than emails) of communicating with other participants in organizing a meet-up?
    There will be a “ground” person coordinator in your university-community neighborhood who will provide a cell number for ground communication.
  • How safe are the meetups?
    The Third Pillar Book Club will take great care in finding the “ground” person in organizing the meet up to ensure safety for all participants.
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