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TPBC is a platform for students to practice their presentation skill and also neighborhood community book readers wanting to share their book reads with students.  The genesis of establishing such a platform arose in material studied in an online MBA course at New York Tech entitled World Trade. The theme of the course advocates sustainable development. Raghuram Rajan’s 2019 book The Third Pillar: How Markets and State leave the Community Behind helped the course to focus on building local communities being the key for the 21st century world stability.


TPBC stands for Third Pillar Book Club. Our motto is Building Communities One Book at a time. The platform at this phase is nonprofit. Initially designed by a university Professor, the platform is supported and extended by voluntary contribution of students. Interested student can send the webmaster an email expressing your interest to establish a local neighborhood chapter of TPBC in your university. We will engage you in preliminary explorations of the suitability of your university and its neighborhood for insuring success of your chapter.


TPBC is an effort to ReInvent the Future—a future that is increasingly move towards being impersonal, digital, and AI-driven. Our platform aims to reinvent the future by bringing rational discussions back to a brick-and-mortal environment, but using technology as a tool to help us organize face to face meetups. Anyone finding a theme, backed by a book, can use our platform to find an audience in your local neighborhood. Your audience initially gathers around that theme, but is free to prolong or pivot subsequent meetings and discussions outside of the TPBC platform. It is believed that building relationships is a pre-requisite for civic dialogues.  


For additional information and inquiries, please write

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